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Launch & Haul

With the launching of boats under way, please be mindful of where you park.

West Side: The travel lift needs room to move around the yard so cars and trucks need to be out of the way.

East Side: The trailer on the East side needs to have enough room to get the boats on the ramp. It also needs room to make its way around the building. If you have a large truck, do not park along the fence as you will be in the way of the trailers launching boats. If possible, leave your keys in your vehicle in the event someone needs to move it. If you are not comfortable leaving your keys in your car so that someone can move it if need be, then please park on the street (west side) or leave your keys with the bartender or a member (east side)

NOTE: If there are cones blocking a specific are they are there for a reason DO NOT MOVE THEM

Blocking: All blocking has been stacked up nicely, please keep it that way